Brajeswari Yogananda Behavioral Vision Development (BYBVD) is the pioneer of its kind in India to successfully launch Vision Development Program (as 2/3rd of our perception comes from Vision) where the patients are treated behaviorally.

This is an American Vision Training Treatment – a non Surgical & non Medicinal Visual Therapy oriented clinical treatment which being the new concept/technique in our country, for the development of comprehensive Vision, related & leading to visual-perceptual-spatial skill, required to perform in either interactions in day-to-day living, studies, work situation in anyones respective work stations or any other form of performance elsewhere done by pre-school or a regular school & college goer or an industrial worker/corporate executive, sports person, artists in entertainment industries, aged stroke patients or other performer.

Any irregularity from the appropriate/natural development since childhood care pre-natal & post-natal both will lead to vision related behavioral/other performance problem in the respective area of function (deviation from the Standard Model Performance) which can be prevented/rehabilitated at early stage through only this unique proven treatment.

This treatment improves a person’s entity efficacy/productivity/work creativity by developing only the existant visual-perceptual-spatial skill (non-surgically/medicinally) to a moderated level of vision/kinesthesia primarily responsible for human performance, a tailor-made, assessed treatment technique which was never available to us in India.

Most commonly known in the specialized field of Optometry from the United States of America where more than a few decades this science had been popularized with grand reviving success, now started in India clinically for the first time to treat visually impaired patients which were/are being assessed for the deserving treatment modality due to unawareness of this clinical science and patients keep ailing.


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